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Lex Properties has been actively assisting the Non-Resident Indians to Buy, Sell, Rent, Residential & Commercial Real Estate in Pune. We have serviced clients in Middle East, Europe, US, Australia & Asia.

Considered as the cultural capital of Maharashtra, Pune has a reputation of being the “Oxford of the  East”  owing  to  many  colleges  and  educational  institutions,  which attract  thousands  of outstation students each year. With strong presence in the engineering and information technology industries, Pune has recently attracted major automobile players and is on its way to becoming the ‘Detroit of India’. The city that loves to indulge in art and fine-dining is also home to the National Defense Academy and the Osho Resort – one of the world’s largest meditation centers.

Pune is the first city to build the Trump Towers in the country and has some of the most iconic hotels like Hilton’s Conrad and Marriott’s Ritz Carlton. This speaks a lot about the city’s growth and potential. 

With metro, ring road and international airport; Pune has a lot going right for it. This makes Pune a very attractive investment destination for many NRI’s and outstation investors from nearby cities. 

From deciphering complicated laws and by-laws to small teething issues in the long procedural work of real estate, you may count on Lex Properties to be your trusted partner.

Commercial Real Estate VS Other Asset Classes

Why Should You Invest in Fractional Real Estate

Large commercial projects typically yield higher returns than smaller projects, and fractional ownership allows a small investor to purchase a fraction of a large asset without some of the challenges associated with property ownership, such as maintenance.

  • Fast way to invest: Owning a property in the traditional manner involves a lot of paperwork and is a time-consuming process. Fractional ownership platforms on the other hand make investing easier as all the required documents and information is already available online on the platform ready to be accessed from anywhere.
  • Low cost, high returns: Fractional ownership is a pocket-friendly investment. It offers investors all benefits of owning a commercial property without the requirement of investing huge upfront capital. Along with the regular flow of rental income, investors also benefit from the capital appreciation of the property.
  • Steady income: Fractional ownership platforms list pre-leased Grade A properties on the platform. Typically Grade A properties house MNC tenants who come with long lease contracts, lock-in and contractual rent-escalation which ensures a regular flow of income.
  • Portfolio diversification: Fractional ownership allows the investors to choose the property they wish to invest in and allow them to expand their portfolio by investing in multiple properties spread across various markets and sectors.
  • Market fluctuations: Fractional ownership has an edge over all other investment options in terms of safety, stability and outcome.

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